Geneve, Geneva, Genf

I was recently in Geneva. March is usually not very good weather, but I had lucky.
The first day was a little rain, but it was not cold. The second day was spring and the temperature was nearly 20 degrees. I managed to see the snowy peak's Mont Blanc

J'étais récemment à Genève. Mars n'est généralement pas très beau temps, mais j'ai été chanceux. La première journée a été un peu de pluie, mais il ne faisait pas froid. Le deuxième jour, c'était printemps et la température était de près de 20 degrés. J'ai réussi à voir la cime neigeuse du Mont Blanc.

Ich war vor kurzem in Genf. März ist in der Regel nicht sehr gutes Wetter, aber ich hatte Glück. Der erste Tag war ein wenig regen, aber es war nicht kalt. Der zweite Tag war Frühling, und die Temperatur war ungefahr 20 Grad. Es gelang mir, den schneebedeckten Gipfel des Mont Blanc zu sehen.

First day I walked in the city.
Premier jour je me promenais dans la ville.
Am ersten Tag ich spazierte im Stadt.

Quay Lake Geneva with Jet d'Eau (Water-Jet )

Monument Brunswick

Ile Rousseau

Old Town. La vieille ville. Altstadt.

Wall's reformers. Monument de la Reformation. Reformationsdenkmal.

Jarden'Anglais (English garden ) with flower clock, avec horloge fleurie, mit Blumenuhr.

Second day. Deuxième jour. Zweiter Tag

Visiting European Center United Nations, Visiter des Nations Unies Centre européen. Ein besuch im Europäisches Zentrum der Vereinten Nationen

Center for International Red Cross, Centre pour la Croix-Rouge internationale, Zentrum für Internationale Rote Kreuz.

A Mediterranean-style little town: Carouge, Une petite ville de style méditerranéen : Carouge, Eine mediterrane Städtchen: Carouge

My accommodation was: City Hostel Geneve. This place is cheap (in all of Switzerland is expensive) and for a couple of days it's perfect. In hostel everyone gets a free traffic card in Geneva.
Mon logement est: City Hostel Geneve. Cet endroit est bon marché (dans l'ensemble de la Suisse est chère) et pour un couple de jours, c'est parfait. Dans tout le monde reçoit une de carte libre pour transport à Genève.
Meine Unterkunft war: City Hostel Geneve. Dieser Ort ist billig (in der ganzen Schweiz ist teuer) und für ein paar Tage ist es perfekt.In Hostel bekommt man eine kostenlose Verkehrsmöglichkeit in Genf.

The other photos are here. Les autres photos sont ici. Die anderen Fotos sind hier.


Fête /Holiday/ Feiertag

Quelques moments d'aujourd'hui.
A few moments today.
Ein paar Augenblick heute.

Histoire de fête de jour tu peux lire en français ici

Holiday's story you can read english here


The 10th Year's Week

When I came back from holiday, at my office waited for me "paper's mountains". I usually stay below the two of us fight, but I do not give up easily. :) In the evening let alone write a blog, but I wasn't mood to turn on the computer. Moreover, in the middle of the week I had a snuffle, with all the corollary. I try testing in all known folk remedy that as soon as possible let stop it. It looks like, my 4-day long weekend planned programs will be not happen. But I hope I take traveling the next week, in a good health. Where do I go? The image -there's behind the blog's title - give a help:)
This morning I heard the terrible earthquake in Japan. It's true, we are far from Japan, but the instrumentation has been signaled in Budapest also.


Visit to England

Last week I spent in England. This time I traveled with Malév, but this wasn't less than time as the Easyjet in November:) It's true that both flight arrived London-Gatwick, but different terminals.

I said for Emese, don't come out to greet me with the kids early in the morning, I'll find their house second time too. There was a small adventure. I needed to go from the North Terminal to the South Terminal. This direction was unknown to me. I can to ask information, but a answer I didn't understand. Finally, a woman accompanied me to the Shuttle – train. 5 minutes and I was at the South Terminal, it was known to all already. I changed train and 10 minutes later I was in Redhill.
Still I had 15 minutes to walk and I have been with my grandchildren. We were happy for each other, we talked a bit, then we went shopping. I promised to make dinner, what like to eat. Early in the evening started to sleep. The next day, Sunday I went walking near Redhill at the Gatton Park. Of course, it was rain, fog and mud on the path.

The park is set up 15 mid-century, there is a National Trust since 1996, approx. 600 acres of mixed forests and parks made up of established paths for walkers, lakes, an old school, a farm and the lookout points. On Monday, after the work came Ors at Redhill, and we traveled together to his apartment at East Grinstead (Sussex).

Here we were until two days and it's raining always.
The small village has a middle ages atmosphere. We walked a lot at village and in the vicinity of the village.

In the evenings I cooked, then we played exciting computer games.
On Wednesday evening we went back to Redhill. Thursday morning, the sun finally came out and became the spring weather. We could walking without a jacket.
Temperature was +15 degrees. Unfortunately, I had to travel back home afternoon.
Even in the morning we went to the Memorial Park. Here Matt has played and ran a little bit. Then we sat on a terrace and drank delicious coffee.

It was time for a short lunch only, then I packed and had to go to the train station.Direction to airport ! The flight was delayed a lot, I just got home at midnight. Early Friday morning I had to go to work. It was good for me to meet with the kids.