Summer 2012

Usually I don’t  go  to holiday in Summer , but this year was different. I don’t like hot weather. Unfortunately  this summer there was tropical heat, the temperature  was often almost 40 degrees.

I had never been on such a long vacation, but in July.  I
travelled to Transylvania for 10 days. My relatives were happy.  We looked at  lot of nice places. 
We were in my father's native village, we visited 
former and new relatives, we talked with interesting 
and nice people, we looked at three castles. One of 
them was newly renovated and very nice.

The others were in a very bad state.

We had a trip along the bank of Maros River and to the nearby mountains.

We ate delicious, home-made foods. I found a lot of 
new information for my family tree. I managed to 
scan some old registers.

In August, we were  in Jászberény. Here was a 
Csángó festival. It was very interesting. There were 
many dance and music groups from other minorities 
too. For example, from Iran, Turkey, Slovakia, Serbia.

We met our csángó friends, who are performed 
also. From there we travelled further to Tállya 

We spent here  4 days in a guest house. The house 
was very nice and comfortable with a lovely garden.
 Under the house there was a wine cellar.

We got free wine each day and there was a wine 
tasting from 8 different wines too. We got  delicious 
and rich breakfast , home-made meats and 

The owner was a very nice man. We had a  trip to 
the hills and walked in the village.  Here we had 
some work,  too.  I have a missing relative. He wrote 
the last letter to her sister 22 years ago and it was
his last address in Tallya. We asked questions 
about him, we talked to many people, but 
they were reluctant to speak.  We looked at the  
house where he lived. He lived  at a  gypsy family
once who did a lot of nasty things. We heard that
he's dead, but he hasn't got a tomb and death 
certificate. Maybe he’s buried in the backyard or
he died in another place. So he disappeared without 
a trace.

In late August, my brother arrived from America. 
We travelled together to the lake Balaton  for one  
day and then for 2 days to Austria, visiting an elderly 
relative. At Balaton it was a very hot day and there
was a large crowd because it was a national holiday. 
The trip was very beautiful in Austria.

My relative's house  was 1000 meters high in the 
mountains. There was  fine fresh air and a great view. 

My  relative is 85 years old, but he’s in good health. 
Maybe I can go for more days next time.