We were able to go to the nature long ago because the weather was bad. On
last Saturday - although  the forecast  promised better weather  -  promised
+6-8 degrees -  it seemed tempting.  So we left in the nice weather for Paprét
in  the morning . This small section of the Blue Trail was missing, so we chose 
this small hike. We went from Szentendre to the bus stop Pilisszentlászló-Hegytető.
On the top of the hill  it was  foggy, rainy and there was a lot of snow,  that 
disappeared already  in  the city. 

We went on the red path about  3 kms to the forester's house in Paprét. 
All the time  it was raining  hopelessly. 

At the forester's house  we looked for  a stamp, and then we turned back on  
the blue trail to the village  Pilisszentlászló. 

As we descended the snow melted, and  became many small streams.  
And of course all the water flowed down on the hiking path.

When we arrived at the village  our shoes, coats, backpacks, gloves, and all 
stuff were completely wet. We waited for our bus in  Gesztenyés Pub. There
wasn’t   anything to eat or hot drinks. We were lucky that we took with us 
hot tea and sandwiches. 

Of course, the homeward journey  wasn't pleasant, our wet clothes kept us 
cool. I desired  a hot shower at home only.