There is a very strange winter. It's the end of January and where I live there hasn't been snow yet.  The temperature was always above zero.  But today morning it's snowing.

This is a good news. Till spring maybe we have only two months. :)



Welcome  my earlier readers ! I hope you'll  read my blog  this year, too. And maybe I'll  find new people who  are  interested  my stories.  It's been almost a year that I did not take  my blog in my hand,  but I hope this year I will return to the usual regularity.

At first - as a pensioner - it  was a little difficult to organise  my days wisely. I didn't need  to do divide my time, but  in the end it  became  fairly  good.  It helped me that I'm studying  English.language in the future, too. 

I can learn every day a bit and I have more time to  read  English books.
From April I could travel  more, and not just on a  long weekend.  I visited my children and grandchildren.

My family tree  research was successful. I travelled to Transylvania several times and for a longer time. My relatives were very kind  and I met new distant relatives.   I made contacts  with very nice, interesting  people.  My cousins could  visit me in Budapest, 

We could go hiking not only on the weekend but on weekdays also.  We look out of the window and when the weather is good, we leave for several days.
 We managed to walk a significant part of the National Blue Trail  and the South - Transdanubian Blue Trail. In this year we will  continue it.

This program was not so little almost for one  year.
I don't know who thinks what, but I'm really enjoying my retired life.

I’ll write again soon.