morning my son Ö. flew from London to Las Vegas for a trade talks. The flight was long enough, more than 10 hours. 

He'll stay one week there. He won't have time to go to the casino, but he has a plan, an excursion to the Grand Canyon.


I'm here again :)

At last I'm trying to find time to write in my blog. Last year I've really enjoyed being retired, I was able to deal with things that I like, but I never had time for them beside work. There were many little experiences that are difficult to enumerate and my life has become much calmer. I traveled a lot. I travelled to Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Tyrol, England.

I dealt with the history of my family intensively. The oldest person was born in 1640. Unfortunately, the older documents are only in Latin, so I had a little taste of the Latin language. I learned Latin in the secondary school for one year, but I thought it isn't so important. I chose other languages. But how good it would be to have a little Latin knowledge !

I was hiking a lot. We began to walk on the National Blue Circle. Today two sections are ready - the National Blue Trail and the South Transdanubian Blue Trail - and this year we started the third section, the Big Plain Blue Trail. I hope the first half of next year I'll also manage to finish and then we can say we walked around the Hungarian border and we went almost 2,500 kms.

Meanwhile, my grandchildren have grown a lot. Zsolt is already 18 years old and Mate will be seven years old, and he's a serious pupil.

Also I read a lot, I continued my English study, I renovated my flat and finally I learned to bake cakes and bread.  

This year our next class reunion was due. We graduated 45 years ago. I don't even want to count, when I finished the secondary school. In general, we meet in May.On previous occasions, usually I organized it and everyone accepted it. This year I've been pretty busy, I only waited for an invitation. The months passed and nothing happened. In late September, I wrote an email to one of my classmates. : "What do you know about the meeting?" Did you forget to write to me ? I thought that everybody was very busy. The girl answered to me and she organized a lunch for 10th October. We were 21 students in the class. Unfortunately, one of our classmates already died, and three of them never come there. A girl is living in Germany. She came all the time, but now she got the invitation a little late. 16 classmates gathered together. It's not so bad. Our school was in the town of Vác. 

We have calculated that the majority of the class was no longer living in Vác, but no one said: sorry I don't want to travel. For our form master we were the first class after her university and she's only a few years older than us We greeted each other as old friends. In 2011 was the last time when we met, so everyone had plenty to say. In the pictures there are no more children, but grandchildren. Now they have the leading role. We planned it have a little conversation for about 1-2 hours after the lunch but finally we only said goodbye to each other at 7 pm. I think everybody had a very nice Saturday afternoon .