My flowers

My Orchid died once, but there is very beautiful now.



I haven't written in my blog for a long time.

I started to learn English again, with my friend. The lesson is once a week, but, it takes 4 hours. According to our young teacher, a week is a long time, so there's always a lot of homework. I need to study each evening. During learning I notice a lot of mistakes. I read a lot of English books but is not enough to understand the text. It is also important to talk. I would like others to understand me.

I started another thing too. I found an old box , in it I had a lot of old papers and photos. I know the close relatives, but I never heard of the others. I tried to arrange them and finally they became a family tree. It is like a real tree, new branches are born always

Today there are about 100 family members. I'm getting a lot of help from my elder brother. He also found old documents. In July I travelled to Transylvania. Me and my cousin went to a small village where the family members lived long ago. We were there the whole day. We met old people (80-90 years old), who could tell us many interesting things. It was the most interesting, that we found a new relative.

The following event: my grandchild comes to my place on holiday.