Northern Lights

I had about three great dreams. To see the geysers in Iceland,   walking  in a rain forest and look at  the  northern lights with my own eyes.  The first two were  already successful  and I had a  possibility  to see my third dream  in February.  A small group  left for  Norway, they to make photos of the northern lights.  They looked for one more person for this trip.  I  racked my brains a little and I said yes  I will go.

We arrived  -   after more than four hours flying with one change - at Tromsø. 

The city is 400 km toward the north,  from the arctic circle. Then we drove 70 kilometers by a little bus to a beautiful fjord.  There was a detached house  where  our little group lived for 5 days.

It was comfortable and warm.  This trip  wasn't one where you  could  sleep a lot. We watched the sky  every late  night. The temperature was about minus 15 degrees. And the result arrived.

The first night  we saw very strong and colourful – green, blue and orange - lights . I  cannot  describe the sight, it should be seen there, then on the clear sky  we saw the stars so low that we could almost touch them .   The whole night was amazing.

The other three days the lights were  already weaker, but we looked at them every night, too.

On the last night it was very cloudy and the next morning when we travelled home it was rainy and warmer.
I am glad that I didn't miss out on this journey.