I'll leave from home soon. I hope I'm going to getting much beautiful adventures. I'll tell the story a week from tomorrow.
In the meantime I wish you all the best.



The day before yesterday in the morning,  when I woke  up there was beautiful sunshine.  Previously there were a lot of grey days,  so I decided to walk in the  forest a little bit.  I just wanted to  leave home but the door bell rang. In front of my door there were three workers.  It wasn’t a good sign.  They said  a that  they have  bad news.  The wall of the  lower apartment is wet  and they need to demolish a piece of the wall in my bathroom.
They went  across  the room and  my bathroom became totally dirty with  mortar and brick pieces. It was right,  a tube was dripping in  the wall and it needed to repaired.  

They completed the repair work  quickly  és they left. The hole   remained.
Now I have to wait for the insurance company, maybe two days, or two weeks. Then they will come back , they will  wall  up  the hole and they finish the work.  I’ll need to paint it.  

Such is a work process in Hungary.