Second day / Deuxième jour / Zweite Tag

The second day I did a walking tour in the London area: Harrow, Pinner-Eastcote
My accommodation was in Harrow.
Le deuxième jour, j'ai fait un tour à pied des environs de Londres: Harrow, Pinner-Eastcote. Mon logement a été dans la petit ville, Harrow.
Am zweiten Tag hatte ich eine Wanderung durch London Umgebung: Harrow, Pinner-Eastcote. Meine Unterkunft war in Harrow.

In 1934 Harrow became part of the urban district of Middlesex. On 4th May 1954 the urban district gained the status of municipal borough, which later went on to become the London Borough of Harrow. In 2004 Harrow celebrated its 50th anniversary as London Borough of Harrow, and was visited by HRM Queen Elizabeth II. Harrow is situated in North West London and is on the leafy border of Hertfordshire. It is a stone throw away from London’s vibrant West End.

Harrow has a wealth of history; Harrow on the Hill is home to the prestigious public school Harrow Boys School, founded in 1572 and has educated seven prime ministers including British Prime Minster Sir Winston Churchill, and India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Neru. The school’s fourth form room was used as a backdrop in JK Rowling movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

It has one of the last remaining Saxon churches in England St Mary’s Church which is over 900 years old. The hill offers winding Victorian streets, and on a clear day from top of the hill at the famous ‘peachy stone’ you can see panoramic views across London.

Pinner and the surrounding area are beautiful. The leaves of its many trees, varying from pale yellows through greens to dark reds convey an atmosphere of tranquillity so close to the everyday hustle and bustle.

Pinner is halfway between Harrow and Watford and only 22 minutes from Central London by Metropolitan Line. Centuries old, Pinner was one of the ten hamlets of the medieval Harrow Manor, and is by far the most easily distinguishable of those "hamlets" today. The name Pinner is nowadays considered to be of Saxon origin. Among the oldest written records of Pinner is one telling us that the church was here during the 1230s.


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