When I started elementary school at the same time I started  learning music.   When I could already read the notes,  I began learning to play an instrument. In 1964 a children's choir was set up in the music school. I had a membership here until the end of my secondary school years. 
April, 1967

In the choir we sang many beautiful classical pieces.  We had a lot of fun and I still have friends from this period.
Our conductor was a young man, who  finished the music college at that time. He had the first workplace in  the  music  school. So we grew up together. He was the leader for 23 years. After that he got a possibility to work in Finland with a Finnish children’s choir. So he moved there with her family for some years.  His wife was a choir member, a talented pianist. They have four children, All of them are well-known musicians. Gergely plays the piano, Tibor is a cellist, Bence plays the bassoon and Bernadett plays the flute. Gergely received the Kossuth prize when he was 30 years old. He  was appointed a citizen of honor in his native town of Vác.

 The choir still exists  after several name changes nowadays.
In April, I got a  phone call, a celebration of the foundation  the choir was organised. It will be the  50th birthday.
I was glad that I was going to meet old friends. A little concert was organised where we sang the old pieces. 

The conductor - who is 75 years old today - is still active and also very kind. 

Many of  the old members have chosen professions of music or they are music teachers.  After the concert there was a little reception  in a good mood.  

I hope this will be repeated again and we don't need wait another 50 years, because we don't have so much time already.


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