England 2- Oxford-Cambridge boat race

One week later I went to look at  Oxford-Cambridge boat race in Putney. 

The  weather was slightly  bad. It was gale and in the time of the start it was rainy. 
Nevertheless,   there was a huge crowd on both banks of the Thames. 

The people were able to watch  the race on  big screens too. The race also was a great fun, the people were  eating, drinking and they felt very good.  The first regatta was in 1829. The  idea comes from two friends. who studied at  the rival universities. On the
first regatta  the distance was 6,8 kms (just like today) and the winner was the
Oxford team.  

Until now the Oxford team have won 78 times, Cambridge  81
times and one time  the result  was a draw.  This year the Oxford team won the
race with a big   advantage. The Cambridge team had an accident, for this reason 

the difference  between them was eleven boat length.

(to be continued)

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